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Aviation continues to be a booming industry. With our society becoming ever more global and individuals being more mobile than ever before in history, aviation is continuing to connect people in all parts of the world in hours. However, aviation remains demanding considerable capital expenditure on new aircraft and airport infrastructure. Without such investment, it will not be possible to participate in the continuing growth of aviation and to profit from opportunities resulting from this global mobility. Nowadays, all passengers demand the most direct, if not nonstop and time-saving transportation to their destination; but for some passengers comfort and personalised service is still an essential part of their journey. Despite, an increasing number of people use the low-fare airlines which offer safe and reliable transportation from A to B at very affordable prices - if you book early enough. The legacy carriers are under severe pressure to remain competitive, but the future of aviation will see both types of carriers live in parallel. Who will take the lead in the future remains an open question today.

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