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Route Profitability Tool Passenger

We are proud to announce and to offer our


The tool is designed to provide airlines with a complete overview of ALL cost items influencing route profitability and compare these to the revenue potential of this route. But - we go a step further than others, because we include belly cargo and ancillary revenues as well. We believe our Route Profitability Tool - Passenger is one of the best calculation tools to assess the true potential of a planned route and a perfect simulation tool to fine-tune an existing route by simulating changes in costs, revenues, load factors, etc.. The tool was originally developed by INAVIA for a large non-European low-cost airline, but will suit any airline, large or small, scheduled or charter. The Route Profitability Tool - Passenger complements our Route Profitability Tool - Freighter for freighter operations, which is also among the best planning and simulation tools available anywhere in the industry. For further information, please download the brochure via one of the download buttons below. Should you agree with us that our tool will add value to your route development and will help to improve your route profitability and thus your bottom line, please contact us by email to This Emailaddress is protected against Spambots, you must activate Javascript, in order to to see it to schedule a full presentation.